The vision of the Central Otago Player Development School is to develop each and every player’s skills technically and tactically. This will greatly increase the understanding of each player’s role on the soccer field. The Player Development School also specifically aims to equip our players with vital life skills such as focus, stamina and respect that will stand them in good stead in all other aspects of their lives.

The philosophy is founded on the “whole person” approach, recognizing that improving a player’s physical and technical development must go hand in hand with the advancement of each player’s maturity as well as their emotional and psychological well-being.

The Central Otago Player Development School will therefore encourage all children to aim high, in terms of their soccer ambitions, and will promote the practice of sport as a means of improving each player’s mental and physical health.

To this end, all our player development school will focus on four key target areas : Motor skills, Cognitive skills, Personal skills and Social skills.

Motor Skills

This deals with each player’s technical and tactical ability focusing on elements such as kicking, dribbling, passing, heading and tackling. Speed, strength, endurance and flexibility are vital elements of these sessions.

Cognitive Skills

This aims to develop qualities such as intuition, memory, concentration, and decision making. Strategies for developing confidences that ultimately will lead to the creativity and imagination to succeed in sport.

Personal Skills

This helps players foster techniques for having control over their emotions or for regaining self control when lost. Motivation, self-esteem and a desire to be autonomous will increase in these sessions.

Social Skills

This helps players learn how to work together as a group and team. Respect for the rules and acceptance of the decisions of others will also be emphasized. Collaboration is a core part of these sessions.